TensorWorks Lab

The UCLA TensorWorks Lab is dedicated to leverage advanced mathematical modelling techniques, such as Deep Learning, Quantum Computing, Bayesian Inference, and Probabilistic Graphical Models to improve the risk and reliability assessment of complex engineering systems and natural hazards. In this pursuit, we are currently developing artificial intelligence and quantum algorithms to efficiently perform condition-based monitoring and health prognosis of structures and machinery, applying probabilistic graphical models for natural hazards risk assessment such as evacuation routing and post-catastrophe relief, designing new deep learning models that incorporate physics knowledge to improve their performance in light of deep uncertainty, and studying the human-machine interaction in autonomous vehicles to propose fair and responsible policies and regulations. In addition to our research, one of our objectives is to close the gap between academy and industry by creating and deploying advanced software solutions that incorporates in-house developed algorithms, tackling challenging problems for which no commercial solutions are available.